Monday, February 19, 2007


Today I had to take my Daddy to have his first cataract surgery. My sister was supposed to but her little boy has pnemonia and she is ill so of course there I was. My brother might have been able to but since I could, I did. This is really beside the point, I didn't mind at all...

Daddy and I drove to the outpatient surgery place and still it was fine, till they called me back to sit with him while he waited to go in. I followed the nurse past curtained cubicles till she stopped and said "Here he is." There Daddy lay on a hospital bed in a plastic shower cap thingy with a hospital top on and an IV drip in his arm. I was pulled immediately back to Momma on her death bed. My breath stopped for a minute. He was glad to see me and anxious to get the procedure over with. I rallied and sat with him while he dosed and waited. When the nurses came in off and on and asked him questions he mentioned Momma and how he missed her. I thought I was going to lose it. I'm telling you that was so hard to do and I have to do it again next month for his next eye.

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