Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's 6:36 AM

It's 6:36 am Sunday morning and I can't sleep. I woke up to a sound that I figured out was the heat kicking on. I realized I needed to pee so I quietly made my way in the dark to the bathroom then I piled back to bed under the warm covers. All of a sudden The Hubby got up to go to the bathroom. Of course being a man he shut the door so he could turn on the light to see where to aim. Being a woman we do it in the dark just fine, this is our advantage to having "indoor plumbing." Anyway, I heard the toilet flush and then the shower start up. What the...! Since I was already fighting a sinus headache I beat him to the coffee and here I sit.

Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I did nothing. The plan was to take the Christmas down but all I got accomplished was taking all the ornaments off the tree and lay them in the floor in anticipation of being wrapped in tissue paper. I just didn't get very far, maybe today. Last night when The Hubby slid up the driveway and into the garage I had a small pot of hamburger stew and biscuits. We topped off the evening with a glass of wine and watching the movie Sideways.

I hear The Hubby in the bedroom with the blow dryer going, slamming cabinets, and shaving. I'm glad I wasn't sleeping because I would have been awakened by that noise. Well, I guess off to another day of stranded in the house with lots to do but no motivation. The Hubby I'm sure will try to go to the office again to work, nothing stops him, ever!

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