Wednesday, January 10, 2007

??? Day

Well, yesterday I went to the doc to just see if the scale is moving in his office since it certainly is not moving in my house. ARGHHHHH!!!! I have amped up my workout and even lost 2 pounds over Christmas, which I put on over the New Year celebration! The only good thing is that I put on a pair of pants out of my closet that have not been worn in probably 2 years and they were barely on then. I put them on and zipped them right up with room to spare so I KNOW my body is-a changing. The doc said that I was in the best "medical" shape that he has ever seen me in in the past 15 years. HOORAY! Too bad the scale is not cooperating. Oh well, I'll keep up the good work.

Lots of stuff are happening again for my family. My youngest is back in California and she says in her blog (Jane of all Trades) that she is back home. The first morning back she got a call for an interview YEAH! But of course they needed her to start in the position right away and she had to say she was committed to a project (which she is not getting paid for) and couldn't. Granted this is only a part time job but it is a job. The guy told her he might have another position that he will look into for her. Then she got an email from a music artist that wants to possibly get her to record his song or something like that. This of course means she needs another computer program (ProTools) to aid with that endeaver. That track is where she wants to be. Whats another $200 or $300 to further her career and deplete my bank account.

The oldest daugther closes on her new home on Jan 24 and tonight is going to buy appliances. This is So very weird because this is the kiddo who didn't want to get married or have kids or even plant roots in one place. She wanted to travel and work somewhere that wasn't in the United States. Now here she is buying a house and appliances and has a guy in her life that she plans to make her future. I cannot quite wrap my head around this since she has been the other way for so very long. I just knew that I would have to travel to visit my kids. Still might with the youngest.

Raising kids is not an easy job. When you're young and get married and spout the words, "I want to have a baby." You really have no idea what it takes to raise them. I totally amazed myself when the oldest was born and we took her home, I kept her alive. Now I know that sounds weird but you just find it amazing that you are taking care of a real live human being and they are surviving. Then they grow up so very fast and are out the door before you know it. The in-between stuff is the easy thing. The ear aches, the tummy aches, the scraped knees and nightmares, the first boyfriend, first kiss, school, PTA, Pom Pom practices, or basketball games, the fights, the rebellion, the worrying in bed at night when they turn 16 and aren't home yet, these are the easy things. Now comes the hard stuff. You worry about what they are going to do with their life and hope to high heaven that you have given them the skills to be self-sufficient when they are out in the world without you. You will always be there to guide them. I'm 50 years old and not until last year did I not talk to my Momma and get her advice on something. That is the part of the job that never ends. This is the rewarding part, when they become functioning beings of the human race.

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Kelly said...

My Mom always has said, "There's a reason you start with a baby. You have to build up to the rest." I guess she's right!