Friday, January 12, 2007

Hot Flash Anyone!

I am here early in the office trying to beat the weather. I missed Jazzercise this morning because I was so very sore from yesterday. I just lazed in the bed and then watched the weather. I thought I had better get some extra milk for The Hubby just in case, so off to the grocery store early. I couldn't believe it when I pulled into the parking lot. It was 7 am and the lot was jammed full. I walked in and fought with the tangle of shopping carts to break one free before I found the produce section. There was one bag of salad mix and most of the other bins were empty. Oh My Gosh! Then I pushed through the crowd of panicked faces to the meat for ham for beans. No chicken, No beef and very little pork stuff. The weather people are scaring people to death with this ice storm thing. It will only be a couple of days and then Oklahoma will warm up again. My goodness people, make a pot of beans or stew and enjoy the weekend inside with a good book. Hopefully the power won't go off but, well, we sell generators so that won't be a problem for us I hope.

Boy, did I miss the reason for this blog. I was sitting here at my desk and my face flushed then my whole body. I thought I was on fire. Thank goodness for the cold outside because I had to step outside and just enjoy the cold. If you know me at all I have always been cold up until this past year and half but today takes the cake. I remember when my mother had her own personal summers and she would be beet red with sweat pouring down her face. Sometimes she would get so hot she would be physically sick to her stomach. Oh wait, that could be the mix of hot flash and drinking. Anyway, I'm finally comfortable now. I guess it is close to that time of life and I am embracing it. Fan anyone!

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This entry is crackin' me up!