Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Survived

I survived a weekend away. The drive North was three and a half hours of constant chatter by the Mom-in-Law. I love her to death and couldn't have paid for a better M-in-L. The constant talk kept The Hubby awake for the drive. This was a weekend of in-laws. We had very interesting conversations about sex...yes I said sex with my Mom-in-Law. That little chat was quite an eye opener and I learned stuff I didn't really want to know. We also ate tons of food and had a day of shopping along with a very full meal at Cheesecake Factory. The 2 pounds I lost this past month is definitely back on. I also got to cuddle the new great niece...WOW what fun, she is beautiful.

The downside of the weekend was a trip to the Bro-in-Law's church per his request to have all of his family there for a birthday present. WHATEVER!!!! I DID NOT WANT TO GO but I was coerced by the hubby (his bro) to do this favor without making a face or a scene. It was a sleepy time and I HATED it and told The Hubby NEVER AGAIN! After church Bro-in-Law took all of us 9 adults and 2 children out for lunch. The drive there he informed us he had been called to help build 17 churches in his lifetime. WHAT! Now he's getting messages from God telling him least that is what he inferred. My mouth fell open and I realized he could see me in the rearview mirror. Quickly I shut my mouth and covered my eyes so the rolling was not obvious. In my head I thought, "OK, he's finally gone off the deep end." Why is it when some people get "old" they seem to think they need to turn to religion and faith to get into heaven. I have been in this family for nearly 31 years and NEVER did he EVER show a sign of having a religious bone in his body. All of a sudden he's totally involved in a church and everything that can entail. I DON'T like religion cramed down my throat. I felt the whole weekend was all about that and I told The Hubby that I would not have any part of that again. I don't mind going to visit but I have to draw the line. I have reached the age in my life that I will not be bullied and pushed around to do things I do not like to do or believe in.

Whew, I feel better. That was a ramble wasn't it.


Unknown said...

Amen Sister!

LiveLee said...

when will the 'churchies' realize that making you feel obligated to go somewhere you aren't comfortable being, because you don't really want to be there is not the way to 'convert' someone to a church-goer. notice i didn't say 'christian'. too many church-goers are not christian...i can't stand a hypocrit! ...simply why i do not attend.
'whew' - glad that's over, huh?