Friday, October 06, 2006

Off to Paradise

Well, we (as in The Hubby and I) are taking off early today for that little piece of paradise we call the cabin. He has decided that he has been so stressed with work that he needs a rest. I totally understand but....well, as in previous posts I have been going through some stuff and when I got back from the girls weekend at Paradise...he seemed to think that since I had a great time that all my worries were past me. That I should be over my depression. Happy go lucky...just like he likes me....WHAT!!!!! My mother died as I watched 3 months ago. One of my very best friends died 7 months ago and we lost our little dog 4 months ago. PLUS, our youngest daughter is now living in LA without a job (only an internship) and I'm supposed to be over it.....!!!!!!!! Well, he has another thing coming if he thinks I'm over it. Depression doesn't just go away after a little weekend. Time will heal but I still have my bad days like anyone else who goes through what I have gone through this year.

OK, I've stopped ranting and raving. I'm just going to go to our little bit of paradise and relax and try not to be angry. A glass of wine, a good book, and a beautiful hammock will help. Toodles....

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Unknown said...

Enjoy...I'll be thinking of you as I suffer through more soccer games!