Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What party are you!

This morning as I was driving to Jazzercise...(5 am) I was listening to the local radio talk show about political parties. They were talking to Lou Dobbs, (anchor and managing editor of CNN's hour-long weeknight program Lou Dobbs Tonight, an editorial columnist, and host of a syndicated radio show,) about a book he had written, War on the Middle Class: How the Government, Big Business, and Special Interest Groups Are Waging War on the American Dream and How to Fight Back . Mr. Dobbs was talking about changing his party affiliation to Independant. This sparked my mind to think about my party affiliation.

Many, many years ago when I registered to vote some 32 years ago I naively went to the tag office with my best friend and began to fill out the form to register. The lady asked me what party and I stood dumbfounded. I really didn't know what party to affiliate myself with. I had never even thought about that. I knew I watched the news and had opinions about Nixon and the Viet Nam War and peace and hunger and so forth but being a Republican or Democrat or even an Independant was not in my vocabulary at that time. I thought about my parents and boldly stated "Republican" since I was sure that was what my parents were. I have been a card carrying Republican for 32 years and about 10 years ago I had a discussion with my parents about an election and was absolutely stunned to find out that my parents were Democrats. Did I really never talk politics with them before. In fact my parents were/are staunch Democrats and then the discussion got very heated. Wow, how did I not know.

The Hubby is also a Republican like myself and that totally happened by accident that we were the same party. He, in fact, is a Straight Ticket Republican which I feel is a waste of a vote. You vote like that then you don't take the time to really get to know the candidates or the issues at hand or platforms. I vote all over the place.

The discussion on the radio this morning made me again think about changing my party affiliation. I am not happy with the Republicans or the Democrats. I am so disatisfied with all the hollering and bickering that goes on between the parties and I think they get nothing done except try to be King of the Mountain. It's very boring all the ads on television and in print and by the time the real elections come around no one really cares anymore, they just want it over.

Maybe I'll just take a little car ride to the county election board and do just that but even then I really don't want to be a party, I just want to vote the way I want to vote without being labeled. We label everything in this country. That's just what we do and it gets us NOWHERE!

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