Friday, July 14, 2006

A Week in My Life

A week in my life.

Monday - What can I say it started pretty quiet. I was up at the butt crack of dawn...Actually before the butt crack, 5 am to go work out with The Hubby. That is something I didn't want to do. Not the work out, but the work out with The Super Critical Hubby. I thought I did pretty good at 8 miles on the stationary bike but of course he had a witty comeback, "It's a shame to waste 30 minutes on one machine." What! I was not happy. He thinks I should work out more even though I do Jazzercise 5 days a week and I'm adding this to my workout. I just said bye and turned and left. I went home and had a nice hot shower and took my time to put my face on and enjoy back to back episodes of Charmed (my luxury in the morning). Then I was off to the office to sit and type a huge stack of invoices. Actually, Monday was a pretty quiet day. I even enjoyed one of my soaps in the back office before jotting off to the house to cook a dinner of roast. Our oldest daughter came for dinner and it was very nice.

Tuesday - Today was the usual Jazzercise day at 5:45 am then the same old routine. I stopped into the office to sit and wait for my Chiropractors visit. My back is crunchy, my foot is killing me, my neck can't turn to the right...I'm falling apart. Probably stress. When I was through with the doc visit I called an old friend and asked if she wanted to do lunch. She was on and we enjoyed a nice meal and caught up on the gossip. I decided that I didn't want to go to the hospital to see Momma (can take just so much) so I asked T if she wanted to go with me to find some Fiesta ware for my new kitchen. We had a great time and I was able to forget about Momma for awhile. I had a manicure/pedicure appointment for 5pm but got a call at 3:30 from my girl to see if I wanted to move it up to I was on my way. Tonight was also my book club get together and I so look forward to then. I wish they were closer than 6 weeks sometimes. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...while sitting for the pedicure my cell phone rang. I should have not answered, but it could have been about Momma and you know what, it was. It was the social services worker at the hospital asking if we had another nursing home picked out for her and could we move her by Thursday. ARGHHHHH!!!! Mind you it was Tuesday, 4:30 pm when she called and they were supposed to give us some lead time to find a skilled care nursing home for Momma. I have a headache. Well, the phone calling was on to my bro and sis and dad about what we wanted to do. This was supposed to be a leisurely ped/mani but it wasn't. I knew what my Wednesday was going to be like. When the time in the chair was over I looked forward to Book Club. In fact, I turned my phone off after I called my friend to ride with. I was off for a nice evening and didn't want anything to spoil what was left of a somewhat nice day.

Wednesday - Riding the bike again, 8.5 miles and this time "The Hubby" had to holler and point across the room to the head workout person(?) , "she needs to be put on a program." OK, daggers came shooting out of my eyes. What a (**&%()_*&amp;amp;amp;&&!!@@><><+)*&^%). OK, no happy time for "The Hubby" this week.........! I knew my day was going to be full of phone calls and it was. I called a couple of nursing homes and of the two the hospital gave me I found one I thought would work. The other one was too far for my Daddy to drive everyday to see Momma. With more phone time with my Bro and Sis and trying to talk to Daddy on his new cell phone I was about done with the phone game. Daddy was at the hospital trying to find out what I knew and decided he couldn't hear me so he said he would drive to the shop. WHAT! I'm afraid for my Daddy to drive to much in areas he is not familar with anymore but after about 45 minutes here he came. He really looked good. The Hubby and I took him to lunch and he scraped his plate of enchiladas clean. Back at work I made MORE phone calls to the nursing home, the hospital, and to the man who administers my grandmothers trust that takes care of my momma. I took a breather to watch my Soap. It was the last time one of the actors would be on since he commited suicide in real life last week. He had been on the show for 20 years and I wanted to catch it. Of course The Hubby called to tell me he thought he found me a desk/table for my office at an antique store and wanted me to look at it. I went over there and loved it. I told the owners I had to call my husband and have him get it for me and left to go to the bank. Going home my cell phone rang and it was "HIM" and he said if I liked it to go get a check and get it. He said it would fit in my Tahoe probably (that meant shoveling stuff around.) Rushing to the office for a check AGAIN the phone was ringing and I should have left it alone. It was the State of Missouri Social Services office. OH MY GOD! What now. Well, one of our employees I had to force to obtain health insurance on his illigetimate child and I did that. Well, the guy said that we were supposed to also be garnishing for child support. WHAT!!!!!! I told him I would have to call him back because (I had to get to the store before it closed) I had to go to a meeting. OH MY GOD! What did I miss up on. I didn't have time to look at the thing and left. Well, of course my stomach was in knots and I didn't want to tell The Hubby that I might have messed up. We had leftovers for dinner and watched a little TV. I was so tired mentally and physically but when my face hit the pillow my mind was wide awake. I was stressed with more junk. Finally, I dosed off about 1:30 AM. ---Oh, almost forgot. I had this insurance audit lady show up at the door unannounced from OK City to revisit something we were supposed to do. She is extremely creepy and weird and thinks I'm her new best friend. YUCK! Could hardly get rid of her the last time she was in. She'll be back.

Thursday - Didn't make it out of bed to workout and got the evil eye from The Hubby. OH RASPBERRIES! I had to get up and get to Daddy's and get Momma's Medicare card, Health Insurance card and SS card. Then it was off to the nursing to fill out the first set of papers to get her in there, that took 2 hours with the help of my bro on the phone. Then I had to go to the funeral home and give them copies of the deeds of the burial plots so we would be ready when needed (something I've been putting off). A quick run through at Arby's and wolf down a sandwich before we had to meet with our attorney to revisit our trusts, living wills, etc. That took awhile and I realized I couldn't make my late afternoon appointment to the Chiropractor. I also called the nice gentleman back from the St. of MO. and handled that little mess up. IT WASN"T my fault, I never got the paperwork for the child support. It was their fault. Huh, imagine. Yet, I will be receiving court orders soon to begin that little process. Sometimes I hate having employees and all that goes with it. Later that evening we had a nice evening of television and I was ready for bed, sleeping.

Friday - Well, didn't make it out of bed AGAIN. Can't keep doing that. Had to get moving and do a few things before the cleaning lady came. Yeah, no payroll today. Got to the office and did some of the usual things, then lunch at our favorite Friday lunch place...Bangkok! Back at the office and I paid the bills and then ran for a baby gift and groceries and meet the drapery lady to do some more measuring. Oh, and I get a call from The Hubby about a phone call from the bank yadda yadda yadda yadda....MONDAY!

I'm ready for this weekend except it will be sad because my dear friend Gail would have been 50 on Saturday. We are entertaining her husband all day and evening to keep his mind from being too sad. It will be a sad and fun weekend and then I will hit the ground running on Monday as I'm booked solid every night with another insurance man, 2 fun Dinners, and a dreaded regular doctors appointment. I did make a massage and facial appointment for the end of the month, I will need it. Sorry for the rambling away but my head stops hurting and my stomach stops churning when I get the stuff out. Enjoy, I think.......


Unknown said...

Phew! OK questions...

How creepy is your employee that he doesn't willingly pay child support or doesn't insure his child?

Is your mother doing better, so that she can go back to a home? Or is she going back to a different type of home?

How do you have time to add an extra dinner once a month to your schedule?

You so crazy!;)

Jill of All Trades said...

Well, first question is that he was paying the child support himself but was late this month and the girl went after him. He is a good guy that is trying to do what's right.

Momma is better so to speak. She has no pnemonia now and she is actually able to have a little conversation. She will never be able to go back home and is now in another nursing home, a skilled care wing. Let me tell you there is a whole learning curve with this nursing home, medicare, hospice stuff that I had NO idea about. And the dinner thing is self preservation for me...I NEED IT!