Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Quiet Week

I have been pretty quiet this week. I've had a lot on my mind but it is not ANYTHING I can share right now. I can't stand that as I'm a pretty open person but my "lips" are tied. I guess I'll just blog about junk stuff.

Bowling this week: I kicked ASS! My average is 140 but this week I bowled 169, 159 and 134. I even had a turkey in the first game (3 strikes in a row). Our team is in first place this trimester and will probably will be in the roll off for 1st Place for the season! Woot, Woot! I love to bowl.

Of course I had the painting class which, as I have written before feeds my absolute soul. I can hardly wait to go to class each and every week. It's a time I look forward to each and every week but is sad that I can only do it once a week. I am attempting to create a space at home to set up my painting stuff to LEAVE out. This week I started to clean out my closet in MY room. It looks like my closet has thrown-up all over the place. I found my mother's sewing box. It was an old cigar box filled with brittle thread, buttons, needles and yellowed lace. I had to put it back up on the shelf because it made me sad and I was not in the mood to be sad. I had to continue on digging through stuff. I found old crochet yarn, knitting needles and old patterns that Granny and Momma used to use. In fact, I found the magazine of crochet that my mother used to make my prom dress.

My main objective is to sort through all the family history stuff and pictures and my girls stuff. I found their school papers, grade cards and school pictures. I'm just hugely nostalgic this week. It is going to take me weeks to get this all together but will so worth it.


Carolyn said...

I have been trying to get up the energy to clean out some closets and boxes of my own. It's going to rain this weekend, so it would be the perfect time to start. But I will probably just watch movies on Lifetime and crochet the blanket I started (thanks to your inspiration). Have a wonderful weekend!


Flea said...

I absolutely adore your prom photo. :)

We went bowling last night! Went to Mickey's and had a great time. I hadn't been bowling in years.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Come on you can tell us. We each promise not to tell anybody except our 1000 closest friends.

Char said...

what a great prom picture - did you marry your high school sweetheart?

I'm loving your painting

Michelle said...

I LOVE going through old mementos. It reminds me to take more pictures of my family, so that I have them to look at years from now.

lagirl said...

I wonder how many hours of crocheting went into making your prom dress? Amazing!