Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blast from the Past

Today I ventured out in the drenching rain to run errands. I do not know what is wrong with that but I did. I decided to go and see my brother at his work for the first time. He is a machinist like our father and our grandfather. We three siblings all worked at one time or another for Daddy at the machine shop but Bro is the one who followed it as a career and he loves it. I did my time running a punch press, lathe and even a drill press and spent a lot of time putting gear boxes together. I also transitioned back and forth to working in the office for Daddy, hence my history being self-employed. As I was driving the old highway 51 which was once a two lane road to Coweta I spied a car lot called Rocket Motors. Wow, I was 16 years old again. That is where I went with my other grandfather to get the used car he purchased for me. It was a tank and couldn't tell you what it was but I bet Bro could. We all three shared that car in turn as we turned 16.
I decided that I would take a picture on my way back home after my visit. I continued to his work and again was taken back by the smell and sounds as I walked in the door. The machine grease smell is just embedded in my memory. I asked to take pictures so here they are:

Stay tuned for pictures of our house that we remodeled 3 years ago. I thought I had them posted but didn't.


Char said...

:) a nice trip to see what your family is up to

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nice remodel!
I absolutely love machine shops. Back when I was a real engineer I took them whenever a manufacturer offered one.

Brother said...

That was a 4 door "66" Dodge Polaris w/383 sweet Mopar.

Daryl said...

Oh what neat shots .. I think I can smell the oil from here!