Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday News

I have news this fine rainy and chilly Sunday.  I saw on my calendar last week a notation about BA Museum on June 1.  Could not remember exactly what it was but thought it was a show.  Linda and I were supposed to have a two person show over two years ago at the Broken Arrow Museum but Covid stopped it from happening.  Then last July or so the director contacted me about a show in September but again I was hesitant because of the pandemic and because I could not even think about it with my hip pain and needing to have the surgery.  So I put it off until this June.  I forgot about it.  Funny thing is I got an email from the director asking me if we were still on for the June show!!!  Ah-ha, there it was the nudge to the memory.  I told Linda about it and she said, "well alrighty then!"  We are on and painting up a storm.  I originally talked to the director about doing a self-portrait theme and am still on that path but I will add florals and landscapes to the mix.  We meet with her in a couple of weeks to get a sense of the space and how many paintings we can actually have.  That may nix a few of my larger self portraits as I really want to showcase the other stuff, and possibly sell some.  No one is going to buy my self-portrait stuff but it's fun to show off.  Plus it was a fantastic challenge for me.
I will post here later the dates exactly and the opening date we will have.  I hope everyone in the vicinity will be able to come out and check out our work.  Linda is of course doing a lot of cowboy stuff as it is Broken Arrow and she paints to the audience alot, I paint for myself.

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