Friday, February 25, 2022


Another Every-Other-Friday-Payroll and we found ourselves at the office early this morning.  Even though the employees haven't worked since Wednesday I still had to do payroll.  A couple did make it in this morning but went home because all we've got for work is outside.  But, by goodness, their paychecks were done.  I tried to talk The Hubby out of going in, saying it could wait till Monday but he didn't want to, so in the truck I found myself waiting and watching.  He has a huge box of salt so started there, letting it begin to melt, which amazingly enough worked very well.  I was enjoying the scenery, different from the four walls I've been looking at for the past three weeks.  The truck was warm and I had a heated seat, I was content.  

One of the employees gave a quick hand to smash and scrape away the ice until it was pretty dry very quick.  Payroll is done and I'm now at home waiting for the final in-home physical therapist to come.  Then I don't have anymore for a couple of weeks when I will go to the place for the therapy.  I sooooooooo hope that is very short-lived.  I'm getting around extremely well now but know there a few things I will have to be shown yet to progress the mobility of my body.  

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