Sunday, January 16, 2022

Grands, Puzzles and Life Junk

Good Sunday morning all.  It's been a rather lazy week with a bit of art thrown in.  Of course I had to head to the office Monday morning and do a bit of bill paying and filing (I kid on the filing, that is NOT my bag.)  I didn't have to head back there until Friday for payroll.  I did post about 3 of our employees being out sick, 2 with Covid and 1 upper respiratory (we still think Covid despite the negative test.)  That was a challenge for The Hubby to juggle the jobs/customers that were counting on them to work, but he made it all work out.  THAT is what he is so over now, the juggle. 

I also got a couple of days of studio time and started applying paint to the latest self portrait and hopefully this week will be able to spend a lot of time there.  The only thing pressing this week is our friend Patti's funeral on Thursday.  Those kind of things really make me nervous partly because of the Covid numbers rising and because it is so hard for me to go into places with my mobility issues now, BUT, I have to go for her husband Jim.  
Friday evening Snicklefritz came to spend the weekend with me and while her Momma was here little Mini and her Momma joined us for a bite to eat and to FINALLY store the rest of Christmas back into the closet.  Christmas 2021 is finally a memory.  Oh these girls.  They both have these little toddler three-wheel bikes powered by feet and they were roaring around the house giggling, chasing each other round and round.  It just makes you smile and laugh watching them have so much fun together.  They are cousins but are probably as close as sisters and always will be.  
Yesterday Snicklefritz, her Granddad and I had a big breakfast.  I fixed her scrambled eggs, which she says I make the best, two blueberry waffles, orange juice and bacon.  The Hubby and I had over easy eggs, bacon, juice and toast.  She was up early even though she didn't go to bed until nearly 11 the night before.  After breakfast we hit the jigsaw puzzle hard.  It is a Charlie Brown Christmas puzzle, 1000 pieces!  I absolutely LOVE Charlie Brown.  When I was a kid I was always saying, "Oh Good Grief," so Daddy started calling me Charlie Brown.  It is a wonderful memory.  We didn't last long on the puzzle.  Starting one is sometimes so hard.  After a bit she was bored and wanted to play with her dolls and watch TV.  Honestly the only thing on was Patti's Mexican Table on CreateTV and she was quite happy to watch it.  It has a lot about Mexican culture, food, landscapes and is very interesting.  I chose to read a bit and kept dosing off.  Must have been the snow that started to fall.  That also kept her pretty occupied watching it gracefully fall and melt away.  Not much stuck and she took a couple of strolls around the yard to check it out.  There was enough to even make a snowball but it is pretty.  Oh goodness last night we played Monopoly.  We only been playing Jr. Monopoly for over a year now and the last time she honestly broke me and the bank.  Well last night we got the big dude out and set it up, carefully reading the rules.  She was a bit confused but got the hang of it quickly.  GOOD GRIEF Charlie Brown!  This girl or maybe it was my bad luck.  I kept getting hit with paying luxury tax or stuff to her or going to jail or rent to her.  I was down to $35 and she had all these properties, kept receiving money for various things (mostly from me!)  She was raking in the dough and had a stack of $100 you wouldn't believe.  The bank only had one left in it.  After nearly 2 hours I said I was done and she needed to go to bed.  It was again 11 pm.  It is now a bit after 8 this morning and she is still in bed.  She needed to sleep.  When she gets up I'll fix her her usual breakfast and then she's going to take a bath.  The Hubby and I woke up at 6 this morning and both had our showers and breakfast and he's already out the door to the office to spend his day tinkering.  After this post I will do a bit of reading until she awakes.  

Have a good week all, maybe I'll be back sooner than next week.

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