Sunday, January 23, 2022

Anniversary, Friends and of course...COVID!

Today is our 46th wedding anniversary.  We've been going to Flemings to have dinner and celebrate since 2016, tonight it's the same.  It was a really nice dinner of steak and wine and love.  Hard to believe it's been 46 years, really hard to believe.  
It was a nice weekend too spending time at the cabin with each other and a small select group of friends.  Saturday evening we had two couples over for HEAVY appetizers for dinner and homemade lemon cake (I did not make, Lesa did).  It was wonderful with the guys outside sitting by the new porch fireplace sharing cigars, drinks and lots of guy talk.  We three girls stayed inside around the fire chatting and having a nice evening.  

Also got news that the oldest granddaughter, Snicklefritz, has Covid.  I was so worried about her last night but she is already doing better.  She has been vaccinated, two shots and so far only fever the first day, still sore throat and sniffles but all in all she's doing well.  I will steer clear as I do NOT want to get sick this close to the surgery, February 3.

Thursday I did my pre-op and it went smoothly until the dang lab tech took blood and not in a good way.  She was young and babbling, somewhat scattered.  The first thing she said was that they didn't have the butterfly thingy's and that she would have to use a straight needle, bigger. Then she proceeded to poke and prod in the edge of my inner elbow area, not even in the middle, where there are obviously veins, large veins.  It hurt and when she could not get it in she decided to try the left arm.  I looked at my right arm she just beat up with the needle and told her it was going to bruise and from this photo I was truly right.  Before she started in on the other arm she hem-hawed around then went out to find another nurse, thank GOD.  The other lady came in and said oh I hide the butterflies and dug around and came up with one to use, thank goodness.  It went in perfectly and 6 different vials were filled.  I didn't notice the bruise until yesterday morning when I was getting into the shower.  OMG I was shocked.  It didn't hurt but it is quite ugly.  
Anyway it is done and I am ready to git-er-done!  The hip book I have to read kind of scares me and there is a lot to do.  There is a lot to do with this and work and home.  Time is ticking away...Here's to my new hip and and feeling better.  

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