Monday, March 08, 2021

Fishing Reels and Painting

Time at the easel last week and I really got LOOSE!  It's what I needed to do to get back in the game.  In fact when Linda came in she loved it and said it was going to be a great painting!!!  That meant a lot to me because the week before, after my rant of being rejected by the various organizations over and over she had a bit of critique on my art.  It stung and I will go with a little of what she said but I don't agree on some of it.  I am going to continue painting what I LOVE and to the way I like to paint.  

A bit of interesting stuff came from an email from my aunt.  Her son found online info about our grandfather (her father).  My grandfather had the first  patent for Zebco's standard fishing reel.  Sadly he sold the patent rights to Zebco and a tiny TINY bit of money on the patent.  But, we do have the drawings and this info with Grandpa's name all over the stuff.  It's really very cool.


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