Friday, March 12, 2021

And The Brain Turns

 What a crazy weird week or couple of weeks.  Just been really busy with work, the easel and life in general.  Foot doctor appointment, FINALLY a pedicure, lots of grocery store orders, serious talks about the "BUSINESS,"  thinking, a LOT of thinking.  Plus I can't seem to put myself in the mood to read lately.  You know last year at this time, the beginning of shut down I was reading so much it was just crazy.  Now I can't even read the paper lately.  It's weird how that works in my strange brain.  There is a lot swimming around up in my noggin' with the possible retirement looming, Medicare sign-up next month, applying for more art shows and maybe a studio tour (if I can get my body to cooperate!)  I am dumping here because that helps to get this muck out of my brain to clear it out a bit. 

The Hubby and I have been having a lot of serious discussions about retirement, ending our business and now it's possible it could be another year in the making.  I'm okay with that because I've got my part of my work down to a good place.  If he could just let go a bit of the reins and let it function like it has been lately then he could have some more free time.  I'm not sure he can do that though.  We've got a lot of work going on now and it's hard to just stop that to go to doing NOTHING!  I know he WANTS to retire, to not do anything, not be accountable, not be on call, not be at the beck and call of customers/employees anymore, but how reasonable is that for a workaholic like he is.  So much to think about with this all and in the meantime, me, my hip.  

Last week I met with yet another doctor, but this time a podiatrist, a specialist.  I talked to my regular doctor and since the "hippy" doctor I saw didn't want to replace my hip because I'm too fat, he suggested this specialist to talk about lifts for my shoes.  As it turns out I had already been wearing an insert in the shoe of my left leg that I used to use for my plantar fasciitis a few years ago, and it was helping.  I saw the doctor and I loved him.  He was young, engaged and listened, really LISTENED to my story.  He did measurements and x-ray's and as it turns out my left leg is 3cm (about 1-1/2 inches) shorter than my right leg.  This really affects my hip, hobbling around like I have been doing.  Where this keys into the work thing is that I will eventually have to have my hip replaced, whether I'm fat or not because there is still a risk that the hip can collapse.  If that happens, there will be no other option, and I CAN'T have that happen with work.  I HAVE to be at the office at least every other Friday to do payroll.  So, I'm in a wonky place with work and my health right now.  Think I'll paint...

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