Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Memories

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I didn't set the alarm this morning thinking I would wake up on time to get Mr. Tom roasting in the oven and I didn't miss it by much.  I wanted to be up about six and the mind and eyes were alert at 6:15.  I rushed into the kitchen and started prepping said turkey.  Tea brewing, dressing started, turkey roasting, giblets bubbling, yep it's starting to smell like the smells I remember of years ago.  

When I was a wee kiddo our Thanksgivings were the best time of the year because, number one, we were out of school, number two we got to go to Greatgranny's, my most favorite place on the earth.  I used to think I wanted my ashes sprinkled on that property but as I near the age things like that happen...shiver...I don't want that.  No one is there anymore.  The house is empty and falling down.  What I have left are the warm memories that are with me and I try to share here sometimes for my girls.  

It was Momma's favorite holiday too because she got to shine with her turkey and dressing and I hope I have carried on that tradition for her.  My grandparents lived off the land and didn't have much but a warm home, friends and family, they were RICH!  So many memories of that place that I may just have to take off and ramble here to get the memory out.  

Mother would plan for weeks for Thanksgiving, making lists for her major grocery store run.  We weren't wealthy either so it was a huge chunk of change for her to spend on feeding whoever showed up for dinner.  But that didn't matter.  Greatgranny's was a haven for weary hunters and long lost cousins to come and know that they would be fed and get their tootsies warm in front of the wood stove in the living room.  You know I didn't see a live deer in the wild until I was in my 40's.  They were always hung from a tree being gutted in the front yard.  Men would come from miles around to get Big Dan to help them, teach them how to gut it.  I know, I know you tender hearts will take offense by this but, AGAIN, they lived off the land, even though Big Dan was a college educated man and highly decorated veteran from WWII.  There was never not some kind of "meat" that was not cooked on the table, in the freezer or fridge, frog, turtle, fox, deer, bobcat, etc.  It was an era and I am so glad I got to experience that world.  It made me who I am today.  Made me appreciate everything I have in my life.  Again, they weren't rich but the memories and life they let me be a part of made me and them the wealthiest people in the world.  (I'm getting nostalgic because of the yummy turkey smells wafting throughout my house right now!)
the dining room... 
My favorite driveway to my haven. 
More dining room.  That is Greatgranny, standing in the place that, before they made the freezer room/her bedroom in to a bathroom, Greatgranddaddy sat to eat his meals next to his toaster oven. 
Used to sleep in the bed of that truck in the summer months parked right there next to the house.

The garden. 
Great aunt front of the many, MANY mounts that adorned the walls.

View to the living room from the dining room...the wishbone doorway.  I now have most of those wishbones at our cabin.

This is Big Dan (my great uncle) with one of many hides that were around too.  I think that is fox, maybe coyote...not sure. 
My sweet, sweet momma probably waiting on a turkey to come out of the oven.  She is sitting in Big Dan's place, always his place. 
Greatgranddaddy and the many minions of kiddos that were always around.  Two of the kidlets I sort of remember, but definitely me, brother and sis!

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