Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just Some More Painting Stuff.

Well, this week I finished my cow.  My friend Linda named her "Branded".  It's an 18x24 oil on senso linen canvas and I LOVE how it turned out ANDDDDDD it's already sold.  My cousin, Helen took the photo while in Panama and wants to buy it to take back to her Papi (adoptive father from her exchange student family days).  The cow is his and so she will go home, so to speak.  I'm very happy about that and she will adorn my house for awhile before she is gone.  
I have several more cow pictures to paint and looking forward to HOPEFULLY capturing this again.  
While at the cabin last week we went to CS's cabin and I took a few photos that I plan on painting.  I have so many to paint lately.  I've gone from a dry spell of finding nothing that inspired me to a plethora of stuff to paint.   
Can't decide which one of these to paint (without the a/c unit in the background). 

This one I'm going to play with it in my photo program to lighten it a bit of like the shadows. 

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