Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Painting We Will Go, A Painting We Will Go, Hi Ho The Derrio, A Painting We Will Go

Finally, I am feeling better.  I am still hacking and blowing but I'm finally getting over this dang crud.  Snicklefritz is too, thank goodness.  I've avoided visiting Daddy for at least 3 weeks but plan on paying him a visit on tomorrow and have lunch with my favorite mother-in-law.  I have been enjoying some good times on a few canvas's so I thought I would share.

This cow is from Panama.  My cousin took the photo and I pleaded with her to paint it.  I've wanted to paint a cow for awhile so here we go.

First go around with paint...let dry...

Second go around and I am LOVING it.   Next week background.

So had to let Mrs. Cow dry and started this one.  I took the photo with my phone at a Valentine's dinner dance Friday night.  It turned out awesome and even my instructor was amazed. 

Now roses, they are a different kind of beast to paint but I am game to tackle them.  Ross (my instructor), when I asked where to start (after sketching it on the canvas) offered, "THE ROSES." Yeah, right, so off we go...
Next week more table, background, stems and glass. 

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