Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tag You're It

Should I be kind of ticked...maybe I shouldn't.  Really I just a tad annoyed.  The niece that has been doing the rehab thing TAGGED me on Facebook with this:

"Attention family and friends (that are sober and worth my time) I will be Tulsa sometime next week for a day. I'd also like to hit an AA/NA meeting while I'm there. I'm missing my Oklahoma family. Hopefully I'll be seeing some of y'all this following week."

I think it will be nice for her to see family and friends since she has been gone so long.  MY issue is the tagging thing which made it pop up on my FB page and the ensuing comments and comments and comments that kept rolling through my email.  I got up this morning with no less than 33 emails, all from someone commenting on this little blurb.  I hated to hide it but enough please.  Am I being a bitch, I think my girls will have issue with me being a patoot but it is what it is and I have a RIGHT to be a bitch sometimes.  

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