Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Sleep, What's That

It's called Sleepless in Tulsa!  Oh good grief, I went to bed and slipped off to sleep-land about 9:15 last night, then about 10:20 the bladder dinged my bell.  So off to empty said bladder and then drift off to sleep again.  This time Clayton decided to wake me because his little blanket was on the floor and he was chilly, time about 11:15.  I was then wide awake and so decided to watch some more television.  The Hubby was catching Zzzz's on the couch so I had the bed to myself and the TV.  I started watching Alaska State Troopers.  (Did you know that Alaska has five times the suicide rate!  Wow!  They attribute it to the very long nights, cold, no sunshine.)

Still the sleepy bug was not coming back.  RATS!  I had to get some rest for art class and to watch Snicklefritz early in the AM as B is going to be on the early morning show to promote her Alliday Show this weekend.  I soon heard The Hubby fidgeting and heading back to bed but I was NOT going back to sleep and I knew if the snoring started I would not be able to sleep.  So I opted to head for the couch to maybe get in the zone again.  Clayton just had to follow so it was me and him on the loveseat.  I was sooooo wide awake.  So me, Clayton, loveseat and the Alaska State Troopers were a thing until 2 am.  My alarm goes off at 4:45 am.  This is going to be a very, VERY long day.  

To top off all this sleep deprivation Friday we discovered that our recirculating pump that sends instant hot water to the back of the house had a leak under the house.  We think it was caught quickly but there was still a little water under the house.  The conundrum was that the copper pipe was right next to the furnace and in the wall.  Luckily the wall was not affected, BUT, The Hubby thought that to get to the pipe we were going to have to RIP OUT my pantry!  I was NOT on board for that and was fighting this proposition.  I told him he could cut a hole, NOT rip out the shelves.  GOOD GRIEF, I am having people here next week.  So cut a hole it was, maybe, so I emptied several areas of stuff and now my dining room is my pantry.  If I had not stopped The Hubby though he was going to go ahead and cut holes Sunday afternoon.  I said absolutely not without the plumber taking a look at it first.  So The Hubby called our plumber and he said, "DO NOT CUT TILL HE LOOKS AT IT." Yeah, I love him!  The result Monday afternoon is NO HOLE in my wall.  They were able to fix through the furnace plenum, which meant no heat for a couple of days, but with the weather being fairly nice I was okay with that.  For now though the instant hot water is disconnected.  Who knew that there were problems with the concept with disintegrating pipes from the constant hot water in the bends.  You can Google it.  Who knew.  We have other options like timers and all but hey, didn't have it when I grew up so I'm okay without it, just as long as I have NO HOLE in my pantry wall.

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