Friday, December 04, 2015

Always Learning

It seems learning never stops.  Spent the day yesterday in yet another workshop.  This was another Derek Penix workshop, a one day affair.  He is young and still learning so the knowledge he imparts is ever changing.  The first workshop I took from him several years ago freaked me out, he scared me and I left disillusioned and ready to give up painting.  This go around I am so much more secure in my talent and own self esteem.  

Still a work in progress and am sure I will finish it eventually. 

I say eventually because I seem to be knee deep in commissions lately.  I finally finished these sweet babies and the car and have one more to go before Christmas.

Yesterday started the party season too.  We had a party last night, tonight and Monday night....Ho Ho HO!

Someone asked about the Art Deco show from the previous post, no the art is not online.  

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