Monday, November 16, 2015

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I have been silent lately as we have been dealing with some important life decisions and have kept it pretty quiet until family knows.  As many have seen here on my blog the pictures of our "second home," the cabin.  We have enjoyed this lovely slice of heaven for 13 years now but things are about to change.....


The Hubby turned 60 this summer and my 60th is coming up in June.  Well, retirement is looking him in the face and he is obsessed with it.  It is all he thinks and talks about and even when not talking I can actually hear the squeaky wheels in his brain thinking about it, CONSTANTLY!  We....He have decided that we need to consolidate a bit, pull in as he feels stretched too thin with properties and all they entail to take care of and obviously the first to go, in his mind, is the cabin.  It WOULD NOT be my first choice but he is right we have not been going up there as much as we've been too busy with work and just stuff.  There are a lot of other reasons but those are the main reasons.  

So, reluctantly I am a partner in this 40 year relationship, we have to get on the same page, so we have officially put on the market our little slice of heaven. 

He says we may buy back in the area again but I would only want OUR cabin back, not any other.  I am really heartbroken about this decision, HEARTBROKEN! 


Clayton will miss the runs in the meadow.  I will miss my backdoor friends!   

It may take a few weeks or it could take a year to sell but now every time I go there I will be saying goodbye and maybe for the last time.  I am going to take it in, every single inch, every time we are there.

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Sweet Tea said...

I could feel your angst as I read this.
Life changes can be so hard.
I'm older than you and I ponder the future
and at times I feel as you do.
We moved from LA to Okla in July.
It was a difficult move for us,
and it still is...I hope, really hope, that by the
time you sell you have made peace with this.