Sunday, October 11, 2015

First Home-Memories

Going through some old photos the other day on my computer and saw these.  Took me back, waaaay back to our very first house.  Mind you we are now in our 4th home and nearly 40 years of marriage.  This sweet little cottage was 900 square feet of joy.  We were married for nearly one year when an old friend called to tell us that the little old man who lived here, first and only owner, had passed away.  Mr. Penrose was his name and The Hubby used to mow the guys yard.  It was all original and old but to us it was a mansion and we loved it.  At the time my grandfather was in real estate and helped us to negotiate and put us in touch with a banker for a loan.  The house actually went through probate as he was alone with no will.  I think we had to bid on it, but with Granddaddy's help we got it.  A mere $15,000 and the thing was ours.  We were scared to go into debt being only 20 years old and married one year but we wanted our money to go to something permanent instead of throwing it away on rent (even though we loved our apartment.)

See, original drapes, floors, paint...all old but we soon were able to afford to redecorate.  Here we are all dressed up for our dear friends wedding, Mark and Cathy!

A VERY young me in a tiny bathroom.

When we remodeled my favorite color was chocolate brown.  I even had a chocolate brown 1969 Chevy Malibu.  LOVED IT!  So our colors, which were very popular at that time were browns.  YUCK!

It was great fun to buy brand new furniture.  We worked, scrimped and saved to buy new carpet, drapes, and furniture to go in our new home.  We loved it.
We also spent 10 happy years there with many family functions.  This one was for my parents 25th wedding anniversary.  They went on to celebrate 51 years before momma was gone.  Now, in January we celebrate 40!
Don't you love the wallpaper.  I was crazy to go with that but it was pretty, at the time.

Not only did our family begin here with two beautiful girls but we had numerous kitties here.  This sweet little guy was Bilbo Baggins!  His momma was a feral cat who abandoned him in a mud puddle during a torrential rain storm.  We rescued him before he drowned.  He wasn't even weaned and used to suckle my t-shirts until we had our first daughter.  Finally he weaned himself from his adopted mother, me.
After he passed we added McAlester (the yellow and white) and Frodo, who The Hubby found beside a dumpster at a Quik-Trip, skin and bones.  He disappeared one day and never saw him again.
A couple of the ferals we fed off and on.  I called the calico, Pirate.  Can't remember the black and white ones name.  

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