Thursday, June 18, 2015


Whirlwind, that is what this week has been!  The youngest flew in last Friday and we've thoroughly enjoyed her visit and have been busy, busy, busy.  We started the visit with pizza at the oldest girly's house with pizza and Cards Against Humanity.  What a hoot!  She is staying with her sister this visit in their new abode and babysitting Rio while Bri teaches.  Getting a lot of one on one time with her niece!

Sunday it was a huge family gathering to celebrate all the June birthdays in the family (both sides) and the upcoming father's day.  Burgers and a LOT of rain, it was an awesome day.  

This visit was all about family which we all loved.  Instead of her going to various people to visit we brought them all together in one place.  

The friend thing we accomplished with her performing at Main Street Tavern last night.  Not even the rain held friends and family from watching her perform.  

Look who got to finally see her perform....,my DADDY and Mother-in-Law!

Her flute teacher many, many years ago Debi came to support!  How awesome to see her and goodness gracious when her husband walked in behind her The Hubby said, "Hey, that's our renter of our old shop." What!  How oddly weird was that.  We have not seen Debi in probably 10 years and find out her husband is our renter.  What a small world.  


One of the reasons for the visit was the show at The Brady of Tears For Fears.  Woo HOO!  What a great concert.  It was the first time they had been to Tulsa.  Afton toured with them a few years ago and they are still friends in California.  This was our first chance to meet them.

Again, a whirlwind visit but alas she flies home, her home tomorrow morning.  We will miss her truly but her love is in California.

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Linda Kay said...

You should have posted a video so we could hear her sing! Looks like you had so much fun, and nice that there were many to support her. My nephew is a musician, and is doing really well.