Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good morning all!  It is a fine, early June morning as the sun starts to rise.  Lots of stuff going on the past few weeks and in the very near future.  The birthday was a fun day with tons and tons of birthday greetings on Facebook, emails, texts, mail, etc.  We were to have cheeseburgers for my favorite meal but alas the restaurant we have had burgers at before only serves them on Monday's.  RATS, well that was okay because I had steak and was with some of my favorite people, less a couple in California! 
Speaking of the two in Cali, our youngest will be coming HOME this Friday, tomorrow!  We are all so very excited to see her as it has been since last fall.  We're having a family cookout this Sunday and then on Wednesday THIS IS HAPPENING!!!

I've been painting a bit and yesterday I repainted a commission for a friend.  Truly, TRULY, I DO NOT want to be known as a dog/cat artist but that seems to be what I've been doing lately.  I am good at it but I do want to branch out a bit.  Oh well, at least I make a little change.  Last week I was sent a picture of a sweet little dog that passed away, I believe her name was Abby...I painted it...
but was just not happy at all.
So yesterday I zoomed in on the face on my IPad and painted this...
I am thrilled with it.  It's funny, when it's bad my gut says, NO, NO, NO...when it's good I get butterflies.  

I will leave you today with this as I wind down to June 28, my 9th year sharing here on Jill of All Trades.



Linda Kay said...

I love the painting of the dog Abby! And what a joy to have the granddaughter with you. Glad you had a joyous birthday, Jill!

Kay said...

That's a wonderful portrait of the dog and will be treasured by his family.