Friday, November 28, 2014

The Day After

  It's the day after turkey day and all is very well.  We had a great Thanksgiving Day with family and that is what counts.  The niece did come and she was quite pleasant, even helped with cleanup, I think her way of making amends.  I'll accept.  Goodness look at these two pictures.  The top one is Thanksgiving 2013 and the one under is yesterday.  These oh my!  My sister was blessed with two beautiful children.  That boy just turned 16, has his learners permit and is a blessing.  My sister, after having her daughter and two miscarriages was told that she should not get pregnant again.  She was also born with some heart problems and the doctors always said that she would have to have her valve replaced sometime in her adult years, so she had her tubes tied.  Guess what, some 17 years ago I got a phone call in which she said, "I'm pregnant!" I was flabbergasted.  Her first time to hear his heartbeat and I got to go.  It was very exciting but dangerous for her.  Both of her children were born 6 weeks premature and spent a good amount time in the NICU for premies.  He wasn't in this world very long when Sis went in for her first open heart surgery.  I think he was 3 months old.  And about 3 months after that she developed a blood clot in the new valve and they had to crack her open again.  It was a very scary time for all.  I think it affected her daughter more that they realized, plus Sis is always talking about she could die at anytime.  Yup, think that made a negative impact.  But we have to beautiful children that need to be protected and taken care of.  I think her girl is getting the help and moving in the right direction, I hope.  
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2014

 It was nice to have Daddy there too, both last year and this year.  Daddy turned 79 years old in August and I am thrilled he is doing so well after all he has gone through.  He informed me yesterday that he is thinking of moving in with his lady friend....
Oh good grief.  I kind of really doubt it because he manufactures stuff in his head sometimes but you just never know.  He said that they are not going to get married but they may move in together.  Good for him but WHAT!  He doesn't look as happy in the current Thanksgiving picture.  I think he's kind of disappointed with he granddaughter in her decisions in life (and his daughter) but he does love her.
 Last year.....this year.....

Another good thing was Sis walked in the door and handed me my mother's piccolo.  Afton had called Sis about 2 weeks ago to check on Brit and in the conversation asked about the piccolo.  Sis said she had it and brought it for me to give to Af.  Sis played flute in high school and Afton plays too.  They have a connection.  In fact when Afton was in high school she played Sis's flute and it was in the high school band room when someone stole it.  We never got it back.  I had to buy another one to replace it and one for Afton to play.  Dang it!  Anyway, we now have Mom's.  I remember she would get it out and play for us.  She couldn't play it long because being COPD her breath didn't allow her to play it.  So sad because she was fabulous.  
This picture brings back a flood of memories of Momma.  I miss her so and especially this week as Thanksgiving was her time to shine.  She loved to cook turkey and have everyone together.  Our childhood Thanksgivings were spent loading up the car, turkey and all, and go to Jay, Oklahoma, to my great-grandmother's...more on that tomorrow!

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