Monday, November 10, 2014

Building Project

 Remember our building project, well, we are done with the new building...

So very excited to be done.  Now we need RENTERS!
It's all clean, heated, spacious and READY!  In fact, since it is still not leased I am hosting a painting workshop for Tuesday and Thursday with some painting friends and a lady I have not met yet.  She will critique and teaching some about impressionistic and portraits.  So very excited and this space is perfect.   Lighting and heat and lots of space.  Her name is Diane Ainsworth and is apparently well known in the art world (I am clueless.  Thank goodness for painting friends.)

Remember when there was NOTHING!
The stone building has been another project.  It is actually where our offices will move to, downstairs.  The guys will actually work out of the end of the metal building. The city and fire marshals are kind giving us some fits with the stone building.  We are probably going to be moving in next week and then all of a sudden they want a new hand rail on the staircase outside and they say it is listed as only storage.  So now we have to deal with an occupancy certificate.  GOOD GRIEF.  We just want to be done and will be when the creative concrete guy (former owner) finishes the floor inside downstairs.  We took out partition walls and that left the floors with unfinished areas.  It is all we need to do.  

The upstairs is DONE.  It is kind of an apartment where we will watch Rio while and I will have an art studio. 

This is a closet that we won't use as a closet and is perfect for a playroom for Rio for now.

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Linda Kay said...

Happy for you that the works is finally done. And it looks lovely!