Monday, November 17, 2014

Television - What's New

Lately, The Hubby has discovered a new television show that he is kind of obsessed with.  I've also found one I LOVE.  His is a show called How We Got To Now, hosted by Steven Johnson.  It's on PBS on I think Wednesday evenings.  Wow, wow, wow, it is such a cool show and quite amazing.  I'm telling you that if I watched that kind of show in school I might have paid more attention to science and the world around me.  Amazing stuff.  Did you know that the actress Hedy Lamarr was an actress (duh) and INVENTOR!  Yes, and she is credited with kind of where we are with our cell phones and sound.  AMAZING!  Really, REALLY interesting stuff.  You can watch it on PBS website.  A must for sure.

Another show that I am kind of obsessed with is on PBS but on a channel called CREATE which I found.  Locally it is on channel 113.  It is called A Chef's Life and follows the life of chef Vivian Howard (love the name Vivian).  She and her husband Ben and their twins have moved back to her roots in North Carolina and follows her life there making food happen.  I LOVE her dialect/accent/whatever.  I've watched the first season episodes and now we are into the next season.  They've had a fire in the restaurant which closed it down for a bit and now they are opening two other restaurants.  Great show.  

I'm kind of getting disenchanted with regular TV because they keep canceling ones I watch.  First my soaps have bit the dust, then Longmire (think Netflix is picking it up) and then Dallas.  Guess this means more time at my easel.  Too bad I don't like to paint at night.  

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Linda Kay said...

Jill, you are right about most of the shows that are on. And I can't believe some of these are being shown on prime time...I guess the kids are all looking at cell phones and computers, so aren't paying attention anyway?