Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday's This 'n That

Walking in the rain this weekend with sweet Clayton.  It had actually stopped raining but he kept dragging me under low hung rain sodden boughs to do his business, hence the umbrella.  

The count down is on for Turkey Day.  My mind is a whir as I am having about 22 at our house.  Really, not much for me to do except to make my bed that morning, set the tables, put the turkey in the oven.....the day before I will make cornbread, chop celery and onion.  This morning I'm going to the grocery, before the rush.  I just do not want to deal with it later.  Tomorrow is my painting day and then Wednesday I have to work, payroll and all.  I should have this down to a science since I've had nearly 39 years of experience so a deep breath and onward!

Yesterday we picked up my new taboret table and took it to my new studio space.  
I'm so excited but a bit nervous to move it all out of the house.  I'm torn and get a lot of mixed signals from  The Hubby about inhabiting the new corner space of our building.  He asked me the other day if I was going to trash out the space like I have at home.  I calmly said no but good grief I am an artist and I do have a lot of stuff.  There will be a plethora of canvas' laying about, along with brushes, and STUFF.  

I did finish this sweet little dog at the office last Wednesday, just in time to give to Harri for her birthday on Saturday night.  I was thrilled with how it has turned out.  Now I have another King Charles to paint, Tally, and an aging poodle named Maddie.   Plus a guy I went to high school is dead set that I paint a picture for him for his song he wrote.  It's not something I'm passionate about but he is very insistent.  He writes and sings and is promoting his new CD and wants one of my paintings for the promo.  I am extremely flattered but not sure I want to do it.  We'll see.  He did a photoshop mock-up of what he wants and I will paint from that.


Jackie See said...

Love the painting! Very nice! xxDazee

Linda Kay said...

Clayton has it together! Isn't it funny how dogs behave in wet weather, wet grass, etc.? You did a beautiful job on the dog picture. That is a lovely breed, and you have captured the eyes that are always an outstanding feature. Nice work. Have a blessed week.

Cindy said...

I know you are going to enjoy your new studio space. I can't wait to see pictures.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It's cool seeing how you are growing as an artist.

22 for Thanksgiving! I'd have to run and hide. We are going to be a small group this year.