Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Bad Seed

Monday morning pink
Well, I bit the bullet and invited Sis and her family to Thanksgiving.  I first sent an email to my Bro-in-Law and then to Mom-In-Law to ask what they thought.  The BIL because I like and wanted to know his thoughts.  The MIL because she was the recipient of the pilfering niece.  BIL said that "if you invite the melon, the seeds will follow!" I loved that response and it was so true.  Gave me a giggle too to think of my sister as the melon and the niece as the seed, THE BAD SEED!  My MIL, absolutely love my MIL.  She is a giving and loving and totally forgiving person.  She said that, "Please do not leave out any loved ones, especially family, they must be loved.  The more the Merrier."  That lady is awesome.  So I took her advice and Monday while at Daddy's I did it.  Oh, I was there paying his bills and all three of us were there trying to figure out all of the bills.  We were a unified set of siblings doing what was right and you know what, it was like old times.  We were laughing and talking and having a good time.  I'm still angry at her by her actions, a lot but she is my sister.  Also, on the loan front, well, that didn't happen she said because apparently she is on some stuff of her daughters and those were defaulted on, BAD CREDIT DEMONS.  Too bad but frankly I'm glad because I didn't want to be hauled into that mess.

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Linda Kay said...

Jill, sometimes patience can show us a better path as a sense of reason and family values sets in. Glad you didn't get into the loan business. I read somewhere that when you make a loan to a relative, consider it a gift not to be repaid. Makes a bit of sense.