Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day In The Life of Rio

Monday's and Wednesday's while Rio's momma teaches, Rio gets to go to work with Granny (or Hanny, as she calls me now).  We have a wonderful back office full of toys and stuff but yesterday we just never made it back there.  She sat in my chair and watched Peppa Pig on my computer and was quite happy.  At one time she had my red ink pen in her fingers rolling it around oblivious to the leavings of red ink everywhere on her fingers.  When she discovered it she was not happy.
Soon it was time for lunch,  I brought her lunch, leftover spaghetti and meatballs, salad, fresh tomatoes and blueberries.  The blueberries went first (her favorite) and then a couple of bites of spaghetti and I was afraid that was going to be it. 
She brought me her plate and said, "All done." She climbed in my lap and suddenly the fork began again.  
Bite after bite, it quickly gone.  That child is a master with a fork or spoon, most of the time left handed, but definitely switching often.
I was thrilled with the salad part.  She loves salad and this one is so crunchy and good.  She ate it all. 
After our clean plates we went out the shop part and her Granddad was having his lunch and piddling around with one of the vans cleaning it.  The overhead door was open and the day was stunningly beautiful.  We sat on the step and watched a train go by honking it horn, waved at a homeless guy, and soaked up the wonderful fall day.   
When I got my phone ready to snap a picture she quickly put her head on my shoulder and smiled, what a ham.  A pro at the selfie at the age of 2!  Nap was soon after this photo and she went down without a smidge of trouble.  What a darling!


Linda Kay said...

Grandchildren are such a joy! Glad you had a great time together.

Big Sky Heidi said...

Really nice post!