Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Where Are You!

 It seems that summer is having a hard time leaving and letting fall have her way this year.  Yet, I did find some color in our backyard, through the looking glass.  Around our backyard The Hubby has mounted lots of different mirrors on the fence.  He finds them at estate sales, flea market and garage sales.  There is a restaurant here called Sonoma we love to eat at and in there is a wall of mirrors we love to look at.  The Hubby got the bright idea and so we have a fence of mirrors I love.  Anyway, I noticed this shrub through some of the mirrors and was in love with it.  A bit of fall!  The weather people are saying temperatures in the 90's for the next few days.  Wow, shorts still.

We also have some planters with some flowers still peaking their sweet heads.  Gonna have to paint this I think. 

I know I haven't posted a Rio picture lately but it's because I haven't seen my darlin' for nearly a week.  Seems she and her momma and daddy have been quite ill.  They have had the dreaded FLU I think and I have steered clear.  Poor babies.  YUCK!  Yesterday I finally got my flu shot and tetanus and hopefully I have not been exposed.  I have to see Daddy and I can't be sick around him.  
So next week it will be back to watching her again and I can't wait for the hugs and kisses.


Linda Kay said...

I love the idea of the mirrors on the fence. It probably makes your yard seem bigger, but the reflections of the flowers is great. Your little Rio is so cute...going to get our flu shots today.

Cindy said...

We go to Sonoma a lot. Love the idea of mirrors on the fence.