Saturday, September 06, 2014

Rainy Days and Saturday's

Yes, this morning it is raining.  A soft Saturday rain this AM and I'm loving it.  Sadly it's not at the cabin but that is okay, I'm okay with that.  It has been a very, VERY busy couple of weeks, as is the norm lately.  Sleep has been a bit lacking but this morning I slept in to 9!  That was GREAT!

 I did take time out on Sunday to go by and see Daddy, pay some of his bills and get some quality lap time with his new baby.  Her name is Susie!  What a little beauty and he is just thrilled to have her in his world.  He took her from living under his house the day before his surgery to his vet and we had her spayed, shots and they kept her for a couple of weeks.  It was good to give her the calm INSIDE life before we brought her home.  She will forever be safe and sound in his house now.  The vet said she is only about 6 months old and unfortunately when he got in there to spay her she was, in his words, "EXTREMELY pregnant." So sad but it might have killed her to even have the kittens because she was so young and thin.  She is the sweetest little thing and Daddy is happy he has company.  
This week has been doctor appointments for Daddy which Bro has taken one and I took one.  Both, Dr. Hippy and Dr. Heart were fabulous.  They were very pleased with his progress.  YEAH!  He's even back to driving again.  Amazing man really.  

I've also been doing my fair share of watching little Snicklefritz while B&B2 get their NEW house ready to move into.  They've been painting fools and carpet pulling up nuts.  There is still a lot of painting to do, mainly the walls now.  The dang place was full of painted trim and that is what has taken so long.  The walls will be a snap to get finished.  They have this week left to finish as they close on their old house and MOVE next weekend.  This morning new carpet is being laid in the bedrooms and during the week the new bamboo floors will be laid in the living room, front room and hall.  The peel and stick tile will be laid in the workroom/laundry room too.  While all this is taking place we have all been working during the day, me babysitting, and then working at night, me babysitting.  We all look forward to just sitting and saying, "WHEW!" 

Side note on the niece that has so many troubles.  She posted on Facebook that she was going to rehab for 40-60 days in Michigan.  I was skeptical but texted Sis and she said it was true that the niece set it all up herself and one of the last post on FB was she was getting on the plane.  Wow.  So glad and I hope it works.  This kid.  I pray it works for everyone's sake.  

Lastly, I've been working on the 30 Day paint challenge and today is day six.  It has been a challenge (duh) but I've enjoyed it and hope I can continue.  I have even sold one of them, the "Wishing Well." Wow, did not expect that but I will take it.  It is great practice for me.  
Day 5 

"A Longing and Winding Road"
11x14 oil on gesso board
$ 100

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Linda Kay said...

Sounds like you are a very busy lady, and the kitty is so cute. Prayers for your niece and her recovery.