Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Over

The reunion is over and the 30 day painting challenge is nearly over.  I am going to enjoy taking a break in October.  What a grand weekend we all had.  The Friday night get together was packed with over 85 people in attendance with a few representatives from other classes joining in the laughter.  So many hugs and cries of joy were heard during the evening and many continued the evening in the hotel concierge room till about 3:30 in the morning (not me.)  

Saturday night was at a place called the Stokley Center and boy was that place a HUGE hit.  It used to be a billboard sign place where they made them but they have since turned it into this event center and couldn't be more perfect.  Neon signs everywhere you look along with pinball machines to play.  We had a video I created and tons of music playing.  Laughter, screams of recognition and stories galore.  

One shock for me was seeing an old friend that wanted to be my boyfriend so bad in high school.  He was just a friend in our group but he chased me and chased me.  When he walked in with his wife, I didn't recognize him at all.  One of my classmates sitting beside me asked, "Who brought their parents." OH MY GOSH!  I thought that too and then I realized it was HIM!  I could not help but turn around to that friend who knew him and gasped saying that it's LC.  "What!"  Yup, could not believe it.  Plus he was a hunkered down cowboy hick, cowboy hat and all (I know that is mean but that is what my mind said.)  I gathered my courage and walked up to him to greet and give him a quick hug.  Oh my, oh my oh my.  Later he came up to me while I was talking to one of our committee members telling him that I was his "Sweetie" in high school, or wait he stepped back in that statement and said, "or at least I wanted her to be my sweetie."  He was a friend in high school and was a cutie but I actually got the creepies right then.  I felt bad by my gut reaction but that is the truth.   I know, I know I have changed too and he may have had the same reaction.  I mean, I'm not the svelte girl I used to be 40 years ago, soooo.  Food for thought.

All in all it was a fabulous reunion weekend and I am reunioned out.  The Hubby's was last weekend and now this.  I need a break.  This morning was one more event, brunch and then DONE!  It's Over.

Two more days of painting too.


Sweet Tea said...

We usually end up going to our reunions because my hubs was Sr. class president. It's good to see some people from our past, but sometimes I wish I'd left them in my memory as "they were" in their youth. Time isn't a friend to everyone.

carol l mckenna said...

Reunions are strange sometimes ~ great post and photos and definitely sounds like you need a short 'rest' ~ enjoy!

artmusedog and carol ~ A Creative Harbor
Happy Weekend to you!