Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5 Friday

I'm Baaaccck...yes it is that time and Nancy from A Rural Journal is hosting Random 5 Friday.

Here's mine:  

1.  Life has been good this week, and tiring.  Watching the kiddo a few times is great fun and tiring.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  When she says "UP" in the cute way and gives hugs and kisses...Oh man, heaven.

2.  Had dinner with our first neighbors from 37 years ago last night.  It's wonderful we are still friends.  We're also still friends with our neighbors from our second house and on Saturday I saw our neighbors from the third house and we hugged and hugged.  This house, our fourth is no exception.  We've made great friends with all of our neighbors and as of this week one household has moved but we are already having drinks at their new house next week.  Friends are just grand and it does take work to keep the connections together but SOOOO worth it for a lifetime of friends.

3.  Been a reading fool lately.  I've discovered an author I really like.  Julie Hyzy who writes the White House Chef Mysteries which I've read every one.  She has also written the Manor House Mysteries and I've already gone through the first one and nearly done with the second.  They are very light reading without any bad words or sex or ICK!  They are wonderful for vacation and taking a break reads.

4.  I just saw that Doris Day is 90 years old.  Really, I didn't know she was still with us but glad.  I so love her movies and one of my favorites is "Please Don't Eat the Daisies." In fact, I went to Amazon almost immediately and purchased a few of her movies, that one in particular.  I love, LOVE, LOVE old movies and they just don't make them like that anymore.  I have to admit that I'm a kid still too when it comes to movies, watching animated ones all the time.  Goonies is my favorite!

5.  Had the gray hidden again yesterday and I'm not sure I'm happy.  It's a new guy and I'm not sure I'm just real happy with him at all.  First, this is our second appointment and the first one he was 30 minutes late.  Yesterday I arrived on time, in fact 10 minutes early, 9 a.m.  The doors were locked until five till but soon I was inside, waiting again.  Finally, at nearly 9:20 he arrives in a rush, without nary an apology for being late, AGAIN!  Okay, I'll give this to him.  He foils me up and then trims up some, which I love the cut but the blonde.  Well, I'm really blonde, kind of white blonde instead of golden blonde.  Not sure I like that but I will live with it until the next appointment of which I'm sure he will be late, AGAIN!


Snap said...

So nice to have good neighbors who become friends. Did you see a picture of Doris Day? She doesn't look 90...amazing! I love the Hyzy books ... I preorder all her books. Happy Friday!

Michelle said...

I love Doris Day and have since I was very young and watched Calamity Jane. I tried to pick my current favorite, but I have too many!

Karen said...

Oh I remember that movie, Please Don't Eat The Daisies! Wow, Doris is 90!

I am thinking about letting the gray grow in. I am a redhead, but switched to a medium brown because red over gray made orange!

Rick Watson said...

I love discovering new books and authors. I went to the library used book store yesterday and bought a sack full of old classic that I hadn't read before.

Ida said...

Wow how neat to be friends with so many neighbors. My next door neighbor on one side is my mom but the new lady who moved in on the other side while she seems nice enough she also seems to keep to herself. We've never really met many of our neighbors other then brief encounters so you are lucky.
Doris Day movies are fun.
I enjoy good books too free from explicit sex and bad words. I picked up a book (Snow Blind) that was suppose to be really good but after the first 2-3 chapters when the foul language started I ended up skipping finishing the book.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Sounds like you should ditch the hairdresser and try somebody else.