Friday, March 22, 2013

Shoot The Groundhog

I heard someone say last night that the stupid groundhog should be shot!  How funny!  Then this morning there was actually a story on my news feed that a Ohio prosecutor seeks the death penalty for the groundhog.  Since spring has obviously NOT been early I can understand all of this.  I mean last Saturday I was sitting outside in my air chair, barefoot and in shorts, but by Sunday evening it was BRrrrrrrrr.  What in the world and by Sunday evening this weekend they are even saying a winter mix is possible.  I'm not a person of violence but I'm about to that point myself Mr. Groundhog.  Little Rio and I are so ready for spring.  My Burpee order is in route to be delivered any day now and I am ready to get my hands dirty.

Rio and her momma have been a bit sick with a cold but didn't stop her from enjoying a bit of sun pulling some weeds with her daddy!

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Beryl said...

Lovely picture of little baby toes in the grass. I felt so guilty for not getting my tomatoes in sooner, but I think it might have been the right choice. Thanks for the weather report!