Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Melancholy...that is what I am feeling lately.  I'm not sure if it is spring fever or just flat out depression.  I just spent 30 minutes re-reading my blog posts from the beginning, 2006, after the death of my best friend and just before the death of my mother.  I feel in a rut in a way and I should be happy.  I'm having great fun babysitting with dear Rio and am excitedly awaiting the visit from the youngest daughter and her boyfriend next week.  Yet, I can't seem to read or paint or have a smile on my face.  What is up with that.  I'm just kind of blah!  I'm going to blame it on old man winter and they cold.  Yet today and the past couple of days have been nice and SUNNY!  I'm so ready for spring and summer and I'm ready to NOT WORK!  In fact, I'm playing hooky this morning when I know I should be at the office.  Here I sit at home typing away putting off the shower and packing up of art supplies for class today.  Even that doesn't make me happy.  I don't have anything inspiring me to paint and that is a real bummer.  I've got to get in my happy place.  I don't even want to get my camera out and take pictures so that I have something to paint.  I NEED FLOWERS!  I NEED SUN AND WARMTH!  Come on spring and summer.  I'm ready for a garden!


Nonnie said...

I am hopeful that this melancholy will pass very soon and that you will see a daffodil popping up somewhere. My husband bought onions today to plant. He has the fever too.

Beryl said...

Unless this happens to you every year at this time, could your state of mind be related to your knee surgery?
At least we know that it will be sunny by March in Oklahoma, so gardening isn't that far off.

Kay said...

I am sending you warm aloha from Hawaii. Please take good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers from hubby . He is so kind and loving for you. Your blessed and of course you know it.

May you be feeling better in Spirit.

It is winter where I live and I like it but the heart breaker for me is when I cannot go out and walk because of the ice. I may fall and break a leg or hip. I love the outside.

So I have to say better days ahead.