Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Time

Life here the past week has been CRAZY and great fun.  The youngest and her boyfriend flew in late, late, LATE Thursday evening from LA and it has been a whirlwind for sure.  If you are in the Tulsa area tonight, tonight is the place to be.  They will be performing at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame!  Yesterday they had a bass player and drummer and Nick's vibraphone set up in our front room practicing and Afton singing....WOW!  I pretty excited to hear them on stage, the full concert.  They have been rushing around doing all kinds of stuff and last night we, as a family all went to B&B's to play with little Rio and eat Indian food.  What a great evening introducing Afton to Rio and Nick.  Tonight after the concert we invited some cousins, inlaws, family and a few friends over to enjoy brisket and a few salads.  Impromptu gathering. The brisket is ready, salads are made, brownies are calling.  

We've found our feet...
and personality! 


Anonymous said...

I wish we could teleport like in Star Trek I'd have been there for sure! I hope it went well! Great pictures!

Beryl said...

That little cutie sure can wear green! Very cute!