Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year In Review - 2012

I guess it is that time of the year for a review.  I went back in my blogging this year to January 1, 2012.  The entry was 366 Days  and in it I wrote about:

  • Blog every single day of 2012
  • Read as many books in 2012 that I did in 2011 (56 books)
  • Start the eating thing and tracking my food (smaller plate)
  • Ramp up exercise
  • Continue the painting and prepare for my own show this spring!!!!!

  • I have to admit that I didn't do all of them and that is kind of sad.  The first one I was pretty faithful until about October and November when I just kind of lost my writing mojo.  I think I did fairly well in my endeavour, but still, I didn't accomplish the task I put forth in front of me. 

    Books, yes I did finish that task by reading 60 books, surpassing my 2011 total of 56. 

    Eating, well, like nearly everyone who sets those lose weight goals I kind of fudged (LOL) on that one.  I did start eating a lot better and have stopped buying diet pop by the caseload and only one when I have a desire or eat out.  I am eating smaller portions but the tracking thing, ick...not happening.  I am just not that disciplined for that task. 

    The exercise I have continued my 3 days a week but haven't added anymore but it's mainly because of the knee and now that I've had the surgery and am mending...let that goal roll forward.

    The painting, yes, I have done that but my own show...NOT!  I've kind of veered from that by focusing on a, well, "focus" in my art and a couple of weeks I sent a packet to my first gallery for admission.  Now I am waiting to hear but won't be disappointed too much if they turn me down.  I think it was pretty brave for me to apply in the first place.  Now we wait. 

    Now I will  work on the new 2013 list. 

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    Anonymous said...

    I think it was super brave to send that!!! I just posted a similar post - only my list was longer and so the things I didn't accomplish is also longer!! Wishing you all the best in 2013!!!