Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas Memories

Trying to blog everyday till the end of the year I was at a loss for words as usual.  I thought I would find an old picture and try some memories.  Here we go!

This picture was taken at my Grandma's, probably Christmas Eve 1975.  Momma, Daddy, Bro, Sis and I.  I can guess the age because of my hair.  I'm more bleached blonde thanks to my Aunt trying to "paint" my hair.  Remember that technique, where they would paint the blonde in but I had such long hair that she thought she would brush it through.  What we ended up with was bleached hair.  It was the first time that I had done anything to my hair that wasn't a permanent.  She cut the cute little fly bangs and bleached me out and I loved it.  My dress, Momma made.  She made a lot of clothes for Sis and I.  You can't tell in the photo but this maxi dress had a sweet print and the little bows were burgundy velvet.  I think Sis had a matching one.  

Earlier times at home for Christmas.  There is Sis with our beloved Susie.  Susie was Daddy's cat.  She loved my Daddy so much.  Susie gave us several litters of sweet kittens. of which we kept only one of her many kittens.  When we lived in Arkansas briefly Susie got some kind of an abscess in her bottom jaw or worms or something  (memory) and Daddy had to cut it out and (old time vet practices) kept it clean with peroxide.  She ended up losing her bottom teeth but that didn't stop her from bringing field rats to the door for Momma.  Because she had no bottom teeth when she was content and purring her tongue would slid out and she would drool.  She was a great mouser and momma kitty.  

 Awww, there she is.  She had 3 litters of three but the last litter was 5 and Mother said no more and had her fixed.

Check out the PJ's.  Again they were the product of my mother's handiwork on the sewing machine.  They were our Christmas present.  Money was not readily available but fabric was cheap and mother was talented.  We almost always got handmade stuff under the tree and our stockings were filled with nuts, fruit and some hard candy.  They were the best kinds of Christmas memories.

Even older Christmas, there I am on the left.  Bro in on the floor crying and Sis is in Momma's lap with the pacifier.  The rest are aunts and cousins.  Wasn't Mother a beauty!  I was 3 years old, Bro was nearly 2 and Sis 5 months old.  Stairstep kiddos.  


Winnie said...

Your post made me smile. Love the handmade clothes! Such gives of love. I am one of 6 kids, and only dad worked outside the house. Our stockings were full of candy and nuts (from the mix nut bag assortments) and a "magical" North pole Orange in the toe! It was the orange I would eat!

Michelle said...

My childhood Christmas memories are filled with handmade nightgowns and dolls and love. It was a great way to grow up! I'm not as handy with the sewing machine as my Mom is, but my kids have had capes and doll clothes and just about anything else that didn't require me to sew a sleeve.

Kathy said...

What lovely memories!! Thank you for sharing them. I enjoyed seeing your old pictures.


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Oh, the olden days. Your so fortunate to have pics to look back at.

Beryl said...

Great old pictures! What a terrific tree!

Anonymous said...

Love this post - LOVE the last picture - your Ma was BEAUTIFUL!!!!