Sunday, December 02, 2012

My Aching Feet

Oh my aching feet!  I think I've written a post titled this before but today is for a different reason.  Yesterday I spent the day trying to finish the Christmas decor in the front room with a bit of stuffing junk in various closets.  I was done by about three in the afternoon when my knee said STOP!  This morning I got up about six, read the paper, enjoyed a cup of coffee and my protein bar and then began the task of reorganizing my room, yet again.  Yesterday I brought nearly every painting I have done in here to set up the room as a kind of gallery for the party.  Well, instead I started picking up stuff in one corner and moving it around to a better spot, then more and more and more until I had picked up the entire room and of course stuff some of it in the closet.  My art corner was a total mess with piles of sketches, tracing paper pieces, canvases, paint brushes, just stuff and I organized it.  I've got all kinds of table easels, my painting easel, some TV trays and my desk/table all ready and set up with various paintings around the room.  I've hung three paintings and some are sitting in the windows.  It doesn't look great but is better and at least all the paintings are displayed.  I asked The Hubby to come in a have a look because I was kind of proud of how orderly it looked, to me.  He just kind of shook his head and said, "uh huh."  Well, crap.  It is my space and it's a creative room, my creative room.  At least he didn't give suggestions or ask when I would finish.  He knows better, I think.  LOL!

Back to the feet and my calves.  OUCH!  The knee not so much but my feet and legs are killing me.  I know part of the problem is that I have been doing this stuff in my house shoes for two solid days and the feet they are revolting!  I think I'm done for the weekend, really.  I still have the living room and the kitchen but they will be easy.  I'll get those done closer to Friday so the house can get totally cleaned and ready for the party.

I think I'm hitting the hot tub, get my book and sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Awwww, my air chair, book and glass of iced tea!

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Beryl said...

The relaxing with tea sounds great. After all that work, you deserve it. But aren't you glad to get so much done?