Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Still Blogging

Good Sunday morning one and all.  I bet you thought I had given up blogging altogether but I haven't, I've just hit a lull in what wants to be put into words.  

We finally skedaddled off to the cabin Friday afternoon to only stay one night but what fun we had.  Pizza with some of the cabinites and then home on Saturday afternoon.
The last of my summer flowers are trying to keep spring and summer in the air.  I love the beautiful rose and there was one more tiny bud ready to pop soon.  I may have to paint this one.  
Along with the beauty we were left with the ugly.  This nasty little millipede was just one of thousands that were milling (LOL) around the front doorstep at the cabin.  We swept them off into oblivion, or at least into a huge pile that was NOT on my doorstep.  I Googled them knowing the were probably millipedes and found them on the website. Thank goodness it says they are harmless.  Yeah, that's what they think until you crunch tons of them under your shoes....ICK! 
Fall is beginning and the color is coming.  It will probably not be as pretty from the drought conditions but it will be here. 

Baby Rio is doing well and tomorrow she will be 2 weeks old.  Wow!  Her momma, B, is doing well too and getting her girlish figure back very fast.  I think she's a bit stir crazy, not being to go out on her own yet but all in all she is doing remarkably well.  

The knee is still an issue.  I went to the specialist 11 days ago and am still waiting for the okay for an MRI.  He said they had to get the nod from the insurance company but how long does that take.  At least the pain is a bit better but I'm ready to get this thing fixed.  I'm going to give them till Thursday and will call yet again and raise a little ruckus.  Really this is silly, don't you think. 


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I am so sorry that you have had such a challenge with your knee. I pray that things will fall into place quickly and you can get this behind you and get pain free!!

Beryl said...

So those Millipedes are harmless? Thank you for that information. They are so freaky looking. Definitely not something we had in Seattle.
Shame about your knee, but maybe you'll be lucky, like my mother. Her HMO took so long to treat her knee, that it repaired itself - at over 80 years old. If I hadn't been at the appointment with her, I wouldn't have believed that was even possible.
Glad your daughter is getting back in shape. My daughter is in her 20's, and I still don't have my figure back!

Anonymous said...

That is horrible with your knee I do hope it is over and fixed very soon!!!