Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember, Don't Forget

Remember and don't forget 9/11.  Where were you on that fateful day.  I was driving to the office and just before I got there I turned my CD off and turned on the news for some strange reason.  I was stunned by the news that something was happening in NYC.  I pulled into the shop parking lot and rushed in to the back office to turn on the television.  There it was playing out on the set, complete devastation on the twin towers. I was watching with my mouth hanging open,my hand clamped over it,  not knowing what to say.  Soon The Hubby joined me as did several of our employees as we stood around the television watching.  What do you say.  It was the most awful thing I have ever witnessed, even though I was not there I/we witnessed it because of modern day televising.  First one tower fell then the second, right before our eyes.  All I can say is Remember, Don't Forget, I never will.


Sorry kid, your mom doesn't play well with others said...

Isn't it amazing how vividly you remember that day? I had just dropped my daughter off at daycare and was on my way to work. I thought it was an accident, until the second one hit. I worked at a car dealership at the time. The day stood still. The usually busy road was barren, nobody left for lunch we drank coffee all day and ate from the vending machine staring at the tv. Showing my 3 year old what happened and explaining about the bad people in the world has been the most "real and raw" parenting moment I have ever experienced. Thanks for writing this!

Lea said...

Me, too, i couldn't believe it was happening. It was 11 years back, but the memory will always remain.

Michelle said...

I agree. Remember, don't forget.