Thursday, September 06, 2012

Organization Or Not

Last night I dozed off to sleep watching the news about 10:15.  About 12:53 p.m. the phone started it was not B calling to say it's time.  I jumped up, grabbed the phone as The Hubby sat up.  Our phone is tied to the front doorbell and the ring was the front door.  The Hubby rushed to the door as I realized in my haze that apparently the power glitched and set off the phone and we both recognized the sound of his computer restarting.  He stumbled back to bed and I asked him if Clayton was in his doggie bed.  He mumbled, "I don't know," and plopped back in bed.  It wasn't long before I could hear the familiar sound of his dog tags shaking and his tippy-tap of nails on the floor as he made his way to our bed.  I scooped him up and put him under the blankets, his favorite place to sleep and then it was time for me to settle back down.  As usual, my problem is that when I am forced awake like that I have a hard time going back to sleep.  It was after 2:30 before I finally drifted back down.  My mind would not shut down.  For some reason I was thinking about organization.  Hmmm, not sure why I went there but you know my bachelors is Organizational Leadership.  Many, many years ago I was obsessed with trying to get myself organized.  I bought books and books on it.  I had tons of file folders, colored index cards, pens, anything to try and get myself organized.  Contrary to popular belief I was known by many to be an extremely organized person, at one time.  I organized our office and kept it running.  I organized my kiddos and their schedules with the household.  I went to school while working, and really was a SAHM in the sense that my kids went to work with me and in the beginning the office was in the house.  I sat on boards from church to Camp Fire.    I also organized our high school reunions for many years too.  I was an organizational type person, WAS.  I don't know what happened but I seem to have fallen behind in that area, probably because I don't have to do most of that stuff anymore and I don't want too.  I have come to a period in my life where I don't see the need to be that rigid.  Now if I had little ones again, then yes organization is a must.  I like some things kind of mess and I know my ROOM (studio, computer, collection room) is a mess but it is my tiny room and I like it.  I clean it sometimes, when I feel I can't stand it anymore.  My pantry is a mess but I will organize it again, sometime.  I just don't have the need or want to right now.  I have to do it before it gets away from me and I will.  Oh my mind...shut down please.

Sorry that is just what was on my mind last night and I had to get it out.

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Beryl said...

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