Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day...

I have taken a break from my year long quest to post everyday.  The past couple of days the mind was a blank so I just went with it.  In fact, I may not post everyday for the rest of the year.  I have given eight solid months of blogging and I'm giving in to the break.

The Hubby and I rushed out of town Friday afternoon for the cabin.
Along the way we encountered some lovely rain clouds. 
It had been awhile since we have had rain of any kind and I was totally amazed by the beauty. 
I told The Hubby that there was a time when one tiny dark cloud would send me into shakes and shivers.  I had so many fears when young.  Living in tornado alley will do that to a person!  Now I love it and embrace the beauty of nature. 

The cabin area was very quiet and relaxing.  Not much water over the waterfall so more rain is needed. 

At least there was enough rain the past week that my hibiscus were in full bloom and the vines of passion flower and clematis were going crazy. 
Waiting for the cool down and a great fire in the fire pit.


Beryl said...

It looks like it has cooled down a bit, thankfully. Since moving to Oklahoma, I have been very surprised at how many people have never even seen a tornado.

Winnie said...

It has been sooo hot this summer. I can't wait for cool weather! I can't find the time to post daily, but post when I have the time. i feel stressed with the "every day" thing, so by skipping a day or so, I feel relaxed.