Sunday, September 30, 2012

Burger Disaster Averted!

Our little family is soon to grow.  This pic was on Monday as we celebrated B's 33rd birthday and A's being in town for hopefully the birth of Rio.  B's favorite place to eat is India Palace and by the evening's end I was STUFFED!  So yummy.  

Last night we all gathered here at the house for the mother-in-law's 85th birthday dinner.  Unfortunately, I did not get the camera out to take some snapshots but found this recent one from one of B's baby showers in August.  My MIL is a fabulous lady and I was very pleased to be able to celebrate her birthday here.  

We wanted to also show off the new outdoor kitchen/patio and we love having rain but NOT YESTERDAY!  About 30 before the group was to arrive the deluge came.  The Hubby and I quickly moved one of the tables and chair sets under the cover.  What a muddy mess it was for the little ones.  
I also had a food malfunction.  On Friday I went to the store to get all the fixin's for burgers, including potato salad stuff and baked beans.  I decided to get patties that were already made up.  When I poked a knife through the cellophane to get the patties on the tray for seasoning my nostrils were assaulted by the familiar stench of bad meat.  WHAT!!!!!!!  I was just cursing and screaming at The Hubby for HELP!  He said he would take it back to the store and get it traded for GOOD hamburger meat.  I was on a tear to find the damn receipt in my purse.  I dumped the thing on the bed and had A helping me look when I remembered my jeans pocket.  I ran to the closet and dug in my dirty jeans and YEAH, receipt.  Unfortunately, it was a monsoon out there and The Hubby had to go in that but being the great guy he is, he was the hero of the day.  Of course, you know that mean I had to patty out 20 burgers in record time.  The store also gave him another 3 pounds of meat for free, so my freezer will be full.  Everyone arrived and the burgers were great, rain and all.  We hovered under the large patio area and had a great time celebrating 85 years of life of a fabulous lady.  

Happy Birthday MiMi!

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You had quite the weekend. Good thing your husband was so helpful. That would be infuriating getting the bad meat.