Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday on the Edge

Saturday morning and it is very quiet in the house.  Not a creature is stirring not even Clayton.  The washing machine is chugging, the television is quiet and Jill's mind is racing with thoughts of nothingness.  We're in town this weekend for work.  I'm not working but our guys and The Hubby are.  They're at one of our jobs, and it's a big one, getting ready to "throw the big switch".  Kind of like starting up Frankenstein so to speak.  It is phase one of a huge manufacturing company who has been in the middle of a gigantic expansion and we, our company, is doing the electrical upgrade.  It is HUGE, and The Hubby is extremely nervous today.  It's a big deal to know that it will go "offline" for a bit when they switch to the new electric, then hopefully online again.  These kind of jobs are so on the the edge because if one tiny thing goes wrong, well then the work can't go on and that is bad for all involved.  So keep your fingers and toes crossed as The Hubby and the crew manage to get'er done this morning! 

If you haven't taken a look at my art blog lately then please do.  I've been working on a horse picture and it is coming along so very well.  I will share it here but don't forget to check the blog out....listed in the right side.  It is NOT finished yet as we have some grass and the fence to even out and add lines but I so love this one so far. 

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