Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sorry this post is so late in the day. It is post #970 and I have not missed a day of blogging in 3 months. It has been a busy day and I'm still not sure what I am ill with at this point. It's either weird allergies that have slammed me or a very strange cold. I'm not letting it slow me down but MAN am I beat tonight. Last night I helped B, or least pretended to help her, setting up at Indie Emporium selling her jewelry, bags and light switch plate wares. Home about 9 pm I knew Clayton needed to be walked and The Hubby went to the cabin for the night, so Clayton and I took a turn around the block before we turned in. 6 am came way too early this morning but I had to get up. My head felt like lead but I pushed on. Today was the color mixing class at my instructor's studio in Adair. I picked up my neighbor and classmate, 75 year old Sheila to ride with me and we were off this morning. It was a beautiful day and the drive was nice to have someone to chat with.  We arrived with about 27 other people and set up ready to learn about mixing colors. 

Here I am ready to learn and look see what I got to do.
My wonderful instructor, Ross Myers, or as he likes to be called "Coach".
After a 4 hour class we ventured out to his ranch to take pictures, pet goats and donkeys and partake in a wiener roast.  It was a bit windy but a beautiful day. 

Think I might have to paint one of these...

I finally arrived home about 5:30, just in time to feed poor little Clayton.  I felt bad that he was alone all day but that is just the way it is.  I settled down on the couch for a quick 15 minute cat nap and waited for The Hubby to get home as we had a Halloween party to attend.  Oh my goodness I was and am so very pooped out and that darned wind today just beat the tar out of me.  Till later my friends.  What was your weekend like...

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sounds like a great day