Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just gotta

I just gotta post something today even if I don't have a thing to say.  I am just dry as a bone with thoughts lately, although I'm hoping that the sun that has been peeking through yesterday and today will help my mood.  I'm just not happy lately and I know it is the dark and dreary cold days.  I got the results from blood tests from my physical and wouldn't it figure that the only low levels in my entire body is Vitamin D.  Could have guessed that.  So yesterday I rode around in my car with the sun roof open and the heat on and today I will probably do the same.  I need to soak up all the Vitamin D I can get. 

Last night was yet another boring night of dance class.  That has me down too.  I don't know if I can tolerate doing this every Wednesday night with The Hubby.  It's kind of fun but an hour and a half into the two hour evening and I'm just done.  The Hubby made fun of me who works out and then poops out but he just doesn't get it.  It's not so much my body, well it is, but it is mental too.  I'm just tired.  Up at 5 am and hard workout then I'm ready to wind down after a long day, not two hours of dance.  Sometimes I just want to cry because I don't want to go and I can get a tad testy with him.  I'm sorry but it is just how I feel.  I am being forced into feeding his obscession and it is not mine.  He then brought up the Spring Swing Fling thingy and I flat out told him NO!  I'm not going!  I said one night a week and that is it!  He wants to go to workshops but I DO NOT!  I hopefully will be able to stand my ground on this!  Do I sound mean?  I mean I've been there for him for 34 years in work and play and I'm kind of done.  I want to feed my oscession and that is painting, for which I have not had time to pick up a brush, except for class for two weeks.  I am not happy about that. 

Sorry this is a ramble but that is just how I roll lately so go with it.  Toodles to lunch with an old friend!  Remember, I'm over 50 (53) and it's all about me now! 


Flea said...

Y'all definitely need trade-offs, but leaving him to partner with someone else probably isn't a great idea either. :) Can you just not work out on dance day? Sleep in that morning? And schedule that next painting class!

I'm going down to Wellston next weekend for another basket weaving class. I can't believe it's taken me so long to get back there. While I'm there, though? I'm going to schedule the NEXT class.

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

I hear ya.
It''s one thing to dance "occasionally" since you don't enjoy it, it's another to dance "often". *sigh

Barbara said...

Hi - - I'm a new blogger and came across your blog today. When I read your profile, I thought I was reading about myself ! I'm also a Gemini and consider myself a Jack of All Trades, but master of none. I know exactly how you feel about going to dance class. My husband and I are retired, empty-nesters and if he had his way, all I would be doing is following him around like a puppy and doing whatever he feels like doing for the day.

carma said...

I hear ya - and it is not selfish to tell him him that dancing is just not your thing and that you'd rather spend the time on something else.

My husband is superobsessed with rollerskating and is going twice a week. He loves it - but every once in a while is PLENTY for me :D